Breach of the Alliance Agreement, as a Precondition for the National-Liberation Movement (On the Example of Treaty of Georgievsky, 1783)


  • Guliko Pheradze



Treaty of Alliance, Georgievsky Treaty, Internal Autonomy, Manifesto, Russian Government, National Liberation Movement, The Hague Conference, The restoration of Statehood.


The legal events that developed in Georgia at the end of the XVII century vastly determined the political, social, or economic life in the following XIX-XX centuries. It had an impact not only on Georgia but also in the Caucasus region.

Even today the painful historical lessons learned by the Georgian State which were caused by the violation of the 1783 Alliance Treaty, are actual. Herewith, the complex geopolitical environment around us still exists. Enemies are in the neighborhood. After gaining independence, in the XXI century, we have been convinced many times in it. At the same time, the historical choice of the Georgian nation to join the big European family again is firm.

In the distant past of Georgia and at the beginning of the last century, Georgia as a democratic republic tried to achieve the desired goal, but in vain. At the end of the twentieth century, after gaining independence we were given such an opportunity again and we must make every effort, including remembering the legal history of our country to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Author Biography

Guliko Pheradze

PhD student of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law; Scientist at Tinatin Tsereteli Institute of State and Law.


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