Individual Aspects of Regulating Substantive Criminal Law Issues of Juvenile Justice


  • Temur Tskitishvili


Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Sentencing, The Aims of Juvenile Sentencing, The Principle of Proportionality, The Best Interests of the Juvenile, Diversion and Mediation.


The following article discusses the following individual aspects of regulating substantive criminal law issues according to the juvenile justice code: the importance of considering the best interests of juveniles in juvenile justice; legislative shortcomings that impede the realization of the best interests of juveniles; aims of juvenile punishment, their interaction and importance at the time of determining the form of sentence. The article also focuses on the importance of the principle of proportionality in juvenile justice, the necessity of considering the personalities of juvenile convicts, juvenile sentencing and legislative regulation of sentencing, and the rules of use and importance of restorative justice (diversion and mediation) in criminal juvenile justice oriented toward their correction and education.


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