Way of Discovering Constitutional Identities in Different Jurisdictions


  • Giorgi Alaverdashvili




Constitutional Identity, Unamendable Provisions, Models of Discovering Constitutional Identities, Declaration of Independence, Preamble.


In legal scholarship there are different approaches regarding the constitutional identities. The paper presents the views of Georgian and foreign professors, some of which are contradictory. The main topic of the article is to single out and classify the ways of discovering constitutional identities. The author, drawing from examples of different states, puts forward 4 ways of discovering constitutional identities. According to the first model, constitutional identity can be discovered outside the text of a constitution, namely in declaration of independence. The example of this model is the United States. The second model suggests looking at the preambles of the constitutions. Here the example would be Turkey. The third way of discovering constitutional identities is to resort to the master text of the constitution. Here two subtypes can be distinguished. On the one hand, general norms in the constitution can bear the function of constitutional identity. On the other hand, it can be unamendable provisions. For each case the examples are drawn from the respective jurisdictions. The fourth model of discovering constitutional identities is to look at judicial decisions.

The article analyzes critically the possibility of unamendable provisions to be the bearers of constitutional identity. The author argues that not in every case an unamendable provision reflects the constitutional identity. The article suggests a kind of formula which can be used to tell in which cases can an unamendable provision be constitutional identity. The appropriate examples are given to test the formula.

Author Biography

Giorgi Alaverdashvili

Invited Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.


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