For the Legal Nature of Liming


  • David Bostoghanashvili



Catholicos Law, Death penalty, Stoning, Liming.


The term “gaghma-gamoghma dakirva” (Liming one by one) is stated as a form of punishment in Catholicos Law article 22. Despite the various opinions on this form of punishment, the final picture has not been reconstructed. Reviewed sources allow us to conclude that administering the liming was similar to the stoning and meant stoning using stones, grit, and lime (limestone). Furthermore, the liming of criminals was not permitted together and had to be administered separately.

Author Biography

David Bostoghanashvili

Doctor of Law, Professor of Gori State University, Professor of East European University, Associate Professor of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.


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