The Ways of Solving the Legislative and Practical Problems of Construction Permit in the Light of New Construction Code


  • Davit Churghulia


Construction Permit, Construction Order, Administrative Proceeding, Construction Code, Expertise, Permit Documentation List, Control of Permission, Exceptional Permit.


The article deals with the problematic issues construction permit legislation and practice, as well as analysis in the Light of New Construction Code. As for today, architectural and construction activities are undergoing rapid changes, and therefore there is a need to improve regulatory legislation. Improvement in construction legislation is inconceivable without the relationships associated with construction permit.

Nowadays the most important issues that need further study and research are the specifics of the construction permit, the peculiarities of the administrative proceedings and the involvement of all interested persons or authorities in the corresponding administrative proceedings, depending on the complexity of the decision.

 The article addresses such issues as: construction permit as a Law Institute of Construction order, Construction Eligibility Control, Construction Activities subject to construction permit, Legislative Regulation of developmental approval and General procedures for Issuing a construction permit, Administrative Proceedings for permit, a list of permissive documentation and the persons responsible for submitting the application, as well as the participation of other administrative bodies and role of experts.

The article uses a comparative legal approach and aims to identify the abovementioned problems, to find solutions for them, through a detailed analysis of existing legislation and practice, in the prism of new regulations. This analysis will hopefully contribute to the research and development of construction law.


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