Nature of Sin in Crime and Criminality (Normative Analysis)


  • David Tsulaia


Sin, Crime, Criminality, Norm, State and Law.


Present article explores nature of sin in crime and criminality from the normative perspective.

Normative aspect is common feature for sin, crime and criminality. After, the issue whether the Orthodox Christianity deems sin a violation of positive law becomes necessary to explore. Respectively, the concept of state and law becomes the subject of our investigation. Analysis of the Old Testament reveals that state and law has divine ontology, which means that violation of the positive legal norm is sin. Though, one circumstance remained self-contradictory, whether the violation of legal norm adopted by the state that acknowledges and serves to the false gods should be regarded as sin. Analysis of the Gospel showed the transcendental nature of the state and law more clearly, and the obedience and disobedience towards unjust norm was explored.

Finally, conclusion is made that, except of unjust norm, violation of legal (positive) norm, adopted by the state, is sin.

Deriving from the study of Orthodox Christianity, Christian should fight against unjust norm according to the teachings of the Gospel and should obey the external trials sent by God, and therefore, Christian should obey law of such state.


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