The Impact of EU Energy Law External Action on Georgian Legislation


  • Irakli Samkharadze


Europeanization of Law, Legal Harmonization, Energy Law, Association Agreement, Energy Community Treaty.


Georgian energy legislation reform and the creation of stable, competitive and market-oriented regulatory framework is an irreversible, but difficult process. It goes in the ambit of the EU-driven legal harmonization pattern, which causes substantial challenges for Georgian energy sector. The present article reviews the fundamentals of the EU energy law and examines its transportation potential into Georgian legal system. In so doing, this research studies the regional Europeanization instruments and assesses the organizational-institutional structure of the legal obligations stemming from EU-Georgia Association Agreement and Energy Community Treaty. The scientific research is based on the contemporary legal methods and comparative analysis. This manuscript vigorously invokes the existing works of Georgian and west European scientists and legal practitioners in the field of energy law. 


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